X-FPGA development of complex algorithms for high-performance, real time.


X-FPGA>> Implementations for FPGA: targeted, innovative solutions.

X-FPGA represents Mechatronics Labs’ expertise in specifc IP development for high performance applications.

This comprises the development of complex or simple logic functions, translated into hardware, that produce process accelerators and real-time response times for any type of application.

This expertise provides high performance levels no longer restricted to telecoms and audio/video systems, but for all applications that require computational accelerators, high frequency management of peripherals or parallel processing.

X-FPGA comprises:

  • Development of frmware for FPGA in VHDL;

  • Analysis and choice of the FPGA component best suited to the specifc needs of the application;

  • Development of complex algorithms to obtain real-time processing;

  • Design of specifc electronics for the application.

 In this area Mechatronics Labs has extensive knowledge of technology Zynq of Xilinx, by which develops the majority of projects that require high performance.

Adopt Zynq with Mechatronics Labs means then make the application of high performance maintaining customer time to market short.

X-FPGA integrates X-Mecha and X-Bus, for whenever real-time response times or complex processing requiring a hardware accelerator are needed.





Applicazioni high performances, tecnologia Zynq - High performances applications, Zynq technology

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