NetX>> One for all Filed Bus.

In our expertise X-Bus, in particular as regards industrial communication on Fieldbus, almost always adopt the technology NetX of Hilscher.

This technology allows to pass from a field bus to another with much ease. NetX is in fact a chip predisposed to the "multibus"communication compatible with different communication protocols, such as for example:  EtherCAT, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, InterBus, Hart, Can, CanOpen , DeviceNET, Ethernet-IP, Powerlink.

Using this technology, our customers enjoy several advantages:

  • Cost-saving design: consuming less hours due to the implementation in the application of different Fieldbus; single hardware platform for communication across multiple Field Bus;
  • Flexible and adaptable product: unique product already compatible with all Field Bus. Increased competition in the market;
  • Time to market short.

Adopt NetX with Mechatronics Labs'll make your application "compatible" with all fieldbus keeping time to market short.




Comunicazione industriale bus di campo, domotica, wireless, bluetooth - industrial fieldbus communication, home automation communication, wireless, bluetooth

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