X-Bus design and integration hardware, firmware and software for communication via fieldbus, wireless, bluetooth.


X-BUS>> The New proposal of Field Bus and more Implementation

X-BUS represents Mechatronics Labs’ expertise in industrial communication and home automation communication through fieldbus, wireless, Bluetooth and other communication protocols.

This includes:

  • The knowledge and implementation of profiles for the various communication protocols, including, for example: EtherCAT, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, InterBus, Hart, Can, CanOpen , DeviceNET, Ethernet-IP, Powerlink, IO-Link;

  •  Implementation of industrial communication and home automation communication for other protocols, such as: wireless, ethernet, Bluetooth;

  • The knowledge and implementation of fieldbus communication interface technology. In particular we have developed various solutions using Hilscher technology (e.g. NetX chips);


    Implementation of industrial communication and domotics communication, including for high performance, real-time applications;


    Custom development of industrial and domotics communication hardware, firmware and software, providing customised solutions for the client’s application.

Mechatronics Labs’ experience with various types of application and in a range of sectors has enabled the company to develop “off-the-shelf” technology which clients can use as the basis for their specific application.

Thanks to these “out-of-the box technologies” development costs are very competitive compared to others on the market, whilst ensuring a uniqueinnovative and high quality product, owned by the client.

Mechatronics Labs is a member of PROFIBUS & PROFINET Consortium and of the Community IO-Link.

Consorzio per le tecnlogie Profibus Profinet e IO-Link

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Comunicazione industriale bus di campo, domotica, wireless, bluetooth - industrial fieldbus communication, home automation communication, wireless, bluetooth

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