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The skills and professionals of Mechatronics Labs are at the disposal for the supply of expert and multidisciplinary consultancy. The consulting is both technical and of project. To be carried out either at the Mechatronics Labs's offices or at the customer site.

Through this service, Mechatronics Labs aims to offer all the experience and knowledge of its staff, as well as the advantage of being able to take use of a consolidated structure that is focused on excellence.

The consultancy service covers the following skills

 - Mechatronics design

 - Design of robots or micro-robots

 - Electronics design and micro-electronics design

 - Mechanical design and micro-mechanics design

 - Firmware design

 - Software design

 - Communication on Field Bus, wireless, ethernet, bluetooth

 - Real-Time communication, FPGA

 - Sensors

 - Integration of the product in the system



Consulenza tecnica in meccatronica, elettronica, meccanica, e gestione dei progetti di ingegneria - Technical consulting in mechatronics, electronics, mechanics and management of engineering projects

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X-Bus - Communication

X-FPGA - High Performance

X-Sensor - Sensors

X-Mobile - Smart connection


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