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The design is the engineering service for the complete development of mechatronics, electronic and mechanical projects.

The concept of the design of Mechatronics Labs is spread around the entire process that brings the idea or the customer's request to the technical documentation. From this you can realize a prototype or a production.

These activities included in the service:

-          Requirements analysis and feasibility study of the object to be designed;

-          The development of the mechatronics project (electronic design, mechanical design and aesthetic design, firmware and software design) and integration with the system;

-          Engineering for the production.

The design is a service based on the constant interaction between a Project Manager of Mechatronics Labs and the customer.

Each activity is a specific and distinct step of the progess of the project. This allows the customer to proceed step by step, with the option of being able to stop after each phase ended without further costs.

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