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The senior managers at Mechatronics Labs are available to take on temporary responsibility for corporate and managerial tasks within the client’s organisation, in order to implement, oversee or manage development and consolidation projects.

The Temporary Management service is designed to Mechatronics Labs to provide support to the most mono-disciplinary companies, who want to differentiate themselves from the competitor by integrating external technologies in their product.

Thanks to its multidisciplinearità, Mechatronics Labs makes available to the client, an Temporary mechatronics Manager with years of experience in the implementation of mechatronic products. This figure has developed projects from the concept to production, design having as focus the final assembly multidisciplinary product.

The result of this service is a unique and own customer product, and not an assembly of parts.

The Temporary Manager of Mechatronics Labs can support the applicant company in three different ways:

  • for the creation and formation of a technical team within client organization;
  • as an interface between the technical team of the customer and supplier;
  • for the Temporary Management and formation of a technical team of the customer.


Temporary Management

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