Robot di soccorso robotica - robot of rescue Robotics

Many people are skeptical about the help which could lead to the advent of the robots, others are reluctant and hesitant because they are afraid that the machine can replace the man leaving him alone with his thoughts.
We should not think about our future so black or white, but gray or even better in color!
Robots will not replace humans, partly because our intellect is unique and irreproducible, but it will work with him to broadening his physical abilities "limited."
One example is Sherpa.
SHERPA is a European project that makes boss here in Italy at the University of Bologna, and has as its coordinator Prof. Lorenzo Marconi.
It is a robotic platform that is intended to help in the research and rescue, the mountain rescue, the forester and civil protection in the event of a natural disaster such as a landslide or an avalanche.
How?The mix of advanced control and cognitive abilities of SHERPA will be designed to improve and expand the awareness of the scene of rescue at the rescuer, even in harsh environments, thus increasing the speed of operation.
Will be consist of several parts that will interact with each other and with the rescuer, each with its own task and independently:
 - Platform land-based emergency that following the rescuer and transports "small helicopters"
 - Aerial rescue platform, consisting of a fixed-wing aircraft that can reach areas inaccessible by land, to fly on their own between 50/100 meters, and which recontructs a 3D map of the incident and that then transmit at the terrestrial platform
- Aerial rescue, consists of "small helicopters", that widen the view of the rescuer on the area of the accident; can operate close to the man and so can help in the rescue.
SHERPA will be like a robotic rescue team, skillful and fast, that will do the shoulder to the rescue human team .

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