Mechatronics: electronics, mechanics

In the field of automation is impossible to think the electronics without the mechanics and vice versa. here comes the discipline that combines both: the MECHATRONICS.
The origin of the word mechatronics is formed by mecha (nic) + (elec) tronics, and how to encyclopedic definition means: "... Science that born from the integration of mechanics and electronics in order to design, develop and control systems and processes with a high degree of automation and integration ... ".
But it is just this?
Apparently the above definition would seem to limit a bit 'the multidisciplinary nature of this discipline, but it is not, especially when it comes to mechatronics not only for industrial automation.
The mecha (nics) in Mechatronics is to be understood not only as "... science that studies the motion and equilibrium of bodies ..." but as a set of "disciplines" and processes that create the appearance and proper functioning of the same mechanics: materials, coatings, ergonomics, design, size, and not only packing, installation, transportation.
An example:suppose you are designing a bed for massage to use / exhibit at international trade fairs on behalf of a beauty center; in addition to the study of mechanics to make sure that the bed can rise and fall, can recline the part of torso or the legs and support different weights, I have to take into account ergonomics to ensure that it is comfortable for both the person lying down that for the massage therapist; I have to design it to be easily transportable, maybe lightweight, removable or foldable, that it's easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, that is aesthetically appealing. It is not simple!
L '(elec) tronics in mechatronics, as well as to the particular hardware, includes software, firmware, and all the knowledge in the field of communication (wireless, bluetooth, radar, infrared ...), lighting, audio and video, etc. ... and above must take into account the constraints imposed by the mechanics.
Going back to the first example if we want a mechatronics bed, in addition to everything written above, we should also take into account the electronics that allows me to move and carry (keys, video, power, etc ...), maybe that it can warm areas of the body of the patient and simultaneously emit music, light, essences, and that can communicate, possibly without cable (wirless for example), with a PC on the back of the stand. Finally, we must think to the harmonic integration between mechanics and electronics, so that the mechanics should take into account of dimensions, supports, supplements, etc. ... of the electronics, and the electronics must in turn take into account aesthetics, mechanical functioning, etc ...of the mechanics. how many things!
So here is the real and modern definition of mechatronics: a set of disciplines and processes mechanical and electronic that combine to create a fusion between the two disciplines in a functional, aesthetic and safety outcome.

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