Often the words innovate or renew are seen as synonyms of expensive and perhaps not very useful if the old technology still gives good results, especially here in Italy.

The innovation gives optimization, ie less waste and therefore higher earnings.
This is made manifest by the fact that the focus of today's research units and the development of any technology industry is, in fact, the savings seen as all-round savings: savings of time, space, cost, and energy.

So innovate can only be beneficial.

In addition to change, innovate should not scare, it is not something obscure, it is our nature; Human instinct is to innovate; if it were not so, we would be today we still get warm with fire and animal skins, to hunt to feed us and to sleep in the cold and dark caverns.

What we have and we are today is the result of the eternal cycle of innovation. We could almost say that innovation is a never ending cycle that opens and closes continuously in the same instant: you adopt a new innovation at the time that the old innovation has become obsolete; metaphorically we could see it as a theory of Darwin on the evolution of the technology rather than on the evolution of the species.

Therefore, innovation is important and essential to survive, especially now that technology runs at the speed of light.

But such small-medium sized companies have already dared on innovation? How? What costs and benefits has led to the change?
We'll find out in future articles.


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    SMART TESTING>> Guaranteed quality also in small production runs Thanks to its experience in a multitude of sectors, Mechatronics Labs has created an extremely effective instrument for testing the customer's product, even on small production runs, for any application and type of electronics, testing software included: SMART TESTING. SMART TESTING is done on functional test benches "custom made"… Read More
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