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For years now we talk about of the Internet of Things, but only now, perhaps, we begin to actually feel the smell.
So see together something about SMART Object already realized and / or already on sale that we sought and collected in this article.

The first cases that we would like to present you, have as focus on the use of natural resources intelligently and clean.(green). 

One is the "Smart cistern": means a tank that is filled and emptied according to weather forecasts. 
Read about Smart Cistern

The other case is the Smart Agriculturesensors, placed in the ground, they comunicate to the farmer rather than the irrigation system, that the agricultural land needs water.
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Let's talk a bit about the home automation sector. Domotics is in advantage in the world IoT: home automation, in fact, is already an Smart Home, where objects are already Virtual Identities connected to PC, smart phone and / or tablet through a net. What has been added is the sharing of data outside of the walls of the house.
One example is this door, designed without the hole for the lock.
Read about Smart Door
This sharing could be extended to burglar alarms, fire fighting systems, the systems of automatic irrigation, etc ...

For the consumer sector: the IoT in stores and spaces improve sales. It interacts with smartphones of consumers and it provides informations and data on the needs, opinions, tastes. These solutions make it possible to convey information that are meant to stimulate and encourage the purchase.("L'IoT cambia il retail e l'agromotica innova la produzione agricola"
Despite this potential, the average trader is still skeptical on the Internet of Things in retail. Many shops, in fact, do not offer free Wifi, useful tool to divulge more information on their products for sale.
Here, however, we present a case history of a store, which has instead turned his shop into a Smart Shop, let's see how.
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In transport and industry, predictive maintenance is the slogan of IoT. It is the monitoring of the object / machine / process from a distance. This lets you know in advance if there is any anomaly in the operation and be able to intervene so early, before any blocks machine or serious damage.
Here is a concrete example.
Read about Industry 4.0

Finally we would like to talk about all those things that make us feel better and / or that monitor our well-being.
Most of these objects are the so-called "wearable": first watches, bracelets and pendants, and even T-shirts, trousers, gloves, etc ...
These acquire the biometric data of the people who wear them. Then they store, interpret and filter data to specific and dedicated Apps, rather than to activate services, alarm call in an automatic way (eg. Care for the elderly).
We found several items / products in this regard. Here we will mention only one useful for those who work long sitting at the computer.
Read about Smart Shirt

We conclude this article with the other Smart Objects that contribute to our well-being, comfort and monitoring, such as decorative items for the home, lighting, furniture, etc ...
One example is this lamp.
Read about Smart Light Ario

Mechatronics Labs also puts in its products and offers in its services the technology for Internet of Things.


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