IDENTITY>> Your product in the Internet of Things

Thanks to its multidisciplinearità, Mechatronics Labs has created IDENTITY, the product of the future accessible to small producers and craftsmen with short time to market.

IDENTITY is a basic product that can transform the customer's product in a digital identity.

The base, easily adaptable and customizable on customer's product, is already designed to perform certain functions::

  • data acquisition
  • data communication via wireless
  • saving data on a cloud, web server or local network
  • data management for the development of App, Software and other applications.

IDENTITY can be used in many sectors and fields, such as for example:

  • Industrial
  • Home automation (Domotics)
  • Architeture
  • Automotive
  • Cultural
  • Alternative energy
  • Wellness
  • Sicurity
  • Etc.

Introducing IDENTITY in customer product we can get several advantages:

  • Realization of a very competitive product, a product strongly cutting edge;

  • Lower costs for service / maintenance in the field;

  • Connection to the product anytime, anywhere;

  • Susceptibility to future network of Internet of Things and Smart Cities.




Sensori su misura per il controllo del sistema - Custom sensors for the control of the system

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