SMART TESTING>> Guaranteed quality also in small production runs

Thanks to its experience in a multitude of sectors, Mechatronics Labs has created an extremely effective instrument for testing the customer's product, even on small production runs, for any application and type of electronics, testing software included: SMART TESTING.

SMART TESTING is done on functional test benches "custom made" to test the customer's product. They are made with with very reasonable investment costs. This is made possible by the modularity of the hardware and software.

The fully stand-alone instrument with its back-panel and SUB-D connectors, can interface with any mechanical fixture of test bench or mechanical system, bed-of-nails, and other testers. In collaboration with selected partners, Mechatronics Labs designs and also provides the mechanical part of the test bench (fixture) or system studied ad hoc to meet the customer's requirements.

The SMART TESTING test bench can also be interfaced with a PC

The instrument also uses predictive maintenance technology: the software monitors the status of the instrument and mechanical parts to notify you if it requires maintenance or calibration in good time. This preventing possible problems and unnecessary costs caused by malfunctions or faults on the test bench.

Many different tests can be performed on the basis of how the instrument is configured.

Below you'll find just a few examples: 

  • Target power test, checks current absorption, power inversion test if necessary. Monitors current absorbed and checks for shorts. If a short circuit or anomaly is found, the system interrupts the power supplied to any loads and the target.
  • Programming microcontrollers or FPGA on target.
  • Generating stimuli of all kinds, from physical stimuli in specific points to a command line parser on a target microcontroller, also to check any microcontroller peripherals.
  • Measuring the response on the basis of the sequence, from physical measurements taken in specific points to monitor checks using a command line parser, also to check any microcontroller peripherals.
  • Measuring load current using internal current probes
  • Tests on power loads using closed loops. Measure and compare closed loop response curves.
  • Measure and check wave form. Measure and compare the frequency, amplitude, and duty-cycle of a specific signal.
  • Etc.

Mechatronics Labs' engineering services can also design the electronics of the product to be tested, on the basis of the testing to be done. This saves hours in terms of development time needed to design the bench, with a further reduction in terms of cost and time. 

For more information, download the Entry Level Datasheet file.

DATASHEET_ENTRY LEVEL_v1.0_preliminary_EN.pdf

This base structure can be implemented with the following extensions:


 Smart Testing, banchi di collaudo funzionali - Functionaly benches of test

Use our test benches SMART TESTING brings so many advantages:

SMART in time: times of making a testing

       bench shortest;

SMART in production: test of efficiency

       and quality even for minimum production


SMART in investiment costs: test  bench

        with limited investments. 


  • Power Level +

    POWER LEVEL The Entry Level instrument has boards to manage DC, mono-phase and three-phase loads. In particular, an adjustable 300W power board is used to regulate the voltage between the minimum and maximum voltage. This is done to test how target behaviour is affected by power input variations. The Power Level supports functional test for asynchronous motor applications and inverter applications.  **This extension is in the development phase. If required, this function is performed by an external power supply controlled via USB/Serial port or Ethernet. .
  • Bus Level +

    BUS LEVEL In this extension, the Entry Level version adds and implements a platform to manage the various field buses both as master and slave. The platform is independent of the required field bus and can be configured as slave or master, without having to change the instrument board. So all the targets can be tested for Master or Slave devices on one of the industrial field buses available today on the market, with all the characteristics of the Entry Level version. The main tests performed are to assess the connectivity and acknowledgement of the target slave by the master, or the slave by the target master, and cyclical data handshaking.
  • Automation Level +

    AUTOMATION LEVEL Exploiting Bus Level principles, the Automation Level lets you use additional boards to create a small PLC. This board, with the relative Field Bus, control the automation around the instrument, to move and manage the target to be tested.  You can manage the movement of trays for example, or of a robot arm. In this way, the testing is done automatically.  Automation design and control software are also part of this configuration.  
  • Cloud Level +

    EXTENSION LEVEL If your production is done abroad and you want to see the progress of the production lot, monitor the quality or extrapolate statistics and analyses of testing, the Cloud Level lets you do so. Thanks to the instrument's connectivity and the operating system which supports Internet Of Things (IoT), your test report can be generated from anywhere in the world independently where the production cycle is running. On the basis of the customer's requirements and computer system, there are various possibilities. In one of these, Mechatronics Labs provides a portal for testing and servicing the bench, guaranteeing data confidentiality, backup and continuous online service.  Thanks to the custom access, you'll always be able to monitor the progress and quality of your production, anywhere in the world. Every piece and each lot is archived in a data structure, so you can analyse and check each single report, to obtain statistics based on single values. Alarms can be programmed to send warnings if parameters depart from thresholds set for one type of flaw or in general. The alarms are sent via mail, so the person responsible can deal with the problem before the lot is finished, optimizing the cost of further checks or testing done on the entire lot. **At this particular time, the Cloud Level package is only available with a landline Ethernet connection. In the future it may also be available with WLAN or GPRS/UMTS modem.
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