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    The chip is the electronic component that has present a integrated circuit, is the most essential component of data processing systems. It was born at the end of the 50s and demonstrated in 1958 by Jack Kilby. The invention of this small, but vital component has given rise to what we know today as: MICROELECTRONICS.Since 1958 the chip has made great progress, both in size, but also in performance. So what solutions we are today?!We begin with the photonic chip, developed by IBM, for the transmission of data at the speed of light. The chips, based on silicon photonics IBM, using four different colors of light, traveling within an optical fiber instead of the traditional copper conductors, to transmit data in a computer system and the outside. This new technology allows to reach 100 Gbps and download at a later 6 million images.Read about photonics chip Always along the lines of the previous year, even the University of California at Berkeley, has invented a chip that works with light and electrons: the researchers were able to combine electrons and photons by compressing two processor cores with more than 70 million transistors and 850 optical components in a single chip of 3 to 6 mm. The design… Read More
  • IoT: where do we stand? +

    For years now we talk about of the Internet of Things, but only now, perhaps, we begin to actually feel the smell.So see together something about SMART Object already realized and / or already on sale that we sought and collected in this article. The first cases that we would like to present you, have as focus on the use of natural resources intelligently and clean.(green).  One is the "Smart cistern": means a tank that is filled and emptied according to weather forecasts. Read about Smart Cistern The other case is the Smart Agriculture: sensors, placed in the ground, they comunicate to the farmer rather than the irrigation system, that the agricultural land needs water. Read about Smart Agriculture Let's talk a bit about the home automation sector. Domotics is in advantage in the world IoT: home automation, in fact, is already an Smart Home, where objects are already Virtual Identities connected to PC, smart phone and / or tablet through a net. What has been added is the sharing of data outside of the walls of the house.One example is this door, designed without the hole for the lock.Read about Smart DoorThis sharing could be extended to burglar alarms, fire fighting systems, the systems of automatic irrigation, etc ... For the consumer sector: the… Read More
  • The Virtual World, Internet of things, are we ready? +

      From the era of digitization to the era of virtualization: here is the new industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0 for the manufacturing and industry. We have been hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT) for the past ten years, however just now it feels the need to make the revolution. What is it? Internet of Things is the future, it's the optimization, it's saving, it's the well-being; in short, it's the 'ANTI-CHAOS'. In the IoT, objects come to life to become virtual entities that communicate with other virtual entities and humans. Objects and places - equipped with sensors- are able to transmit data to be stored in the cloud via wifi connections. These data are then made available to all to create the so called virtual world, and to provide information. The first generation of 'IoT' are objects fitted with RFID tags, QR Codes or NFC, that can be scanned to access extra features and information. In the food Industry for example RFID tags are used to store the origin of the food, or the historian of the transport. In the tech industry QR codes provide the object's technical characteristics via a direct link to the maker website, without the need of a research. And… Read More
  • Innovate: madness or genius? +

    Often the words innovate or renew are seen as synonyms of expensive and perhaps not very useful if the old technology still gives good results, especially here in Italy. The innovation gives optimization, ie less waste and therefore higher earnings.This is made manifest by the fact that the focus of today's research units and the development of any technology industry is, in fact, the savings seen as all-round savings: savings of time, space, cost, and energy. So innovate can only be beneficial. In addition to change, innovate should not scare, it is not something obscure, it is our nature; Human instinct is to innovate; if it were not so, we would be today we still get warm with fire and animal skins, to hunt to feed us and to sleep in the cold and dark caverns. What we have and we are today is the result of the eternal cycle of innovation. We could almost say that innovation is a never ending cycle that opens and closes continuously in the same instant: you adopt a new innovation at the time that the old innovation has become obsolete; metaphorically we could see it as a theory of Darwin on the evolution of the technology rather… Read More
  • The Mechatronics +

    In the field of automation is impossible to think the electronics without the mechanics and vice versa. here comes the discipline that combines both: the MECHATRONICS.The origin of the word mechatronics is formed by mecha (nic) + (elec) tronics, and how to encyclopedic definition means: "... Science that born from the integration of mechanics and electronics in order to design, develop and control systems and processes with a high degree of automation and integration ... ".But it is just this?Apparently the above definition would seem to limit a bit 'the multidisciplinary nature of this discipline, but it is not, especially when it comes to mechatronics not only for industrial automation.The mecha (nics) in Mechatronics is to be understood not only as "... science that studies the motion and equilibrium of bodies ..." but as a set of "disciplines" and processes that create the appearance and proper functioning of the same mechanics: materials, coatings, ergonomics, design, size, and not only packing, installation, transportation.An example:suppose you are designing a bed for massage to use / exhibit at international trade fairs on behalf of a beauty center; in addition to the study of mechanics to make sure that the bed can rise and… Read More
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